Nusa Area Rug

Nusa Area Rug - HomeCozify
Nusa Area Rug - HomeCozify
Nusa Area Rug - HomeCozify
Nusa Area Rug - HomeCozify
Nusa Area Rug - HomeCozify
Nusa Area Rug - HomeCozify
Nusa Area Rug - HomeCozify
Nusa Area Rug - HomeCozify
Nusa Area Rug - HomeCozify
Nusa Area Rug - HomeCozify

Nusa Area Rug

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The Nusa Area Rug is now available. This spherical pattern rug was created to provide a splash of color and texture to your decor. The pattern is simple to clean and will liven up any space.

Product Details

Product Type

Area Living Room, Bedroom

Carpet surface, Nylon
Underside, Cotton and Linen

Thickness 12mm

Cleaning type

Easy Care


Addressed on the chart

(Irregular Shape Might Cause Insignificant Difference in Dimension )

Notice There is an error in manual measurement, please refer to the actual product.

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2/F - HKD 50
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