Our Vision

Who we are - HomeCozify

When you are not satisfied with the average quality products of the chained furniture store, you should have a look on our premium european and italian designed products which is selling at a reasonable and affordable price.

In a metropolitan city, like New York, London, Los Angeles and Hong Kong, where luxury residential property costs more than USD1 million. Owners and residents should not satisfied with the products from chained stores, as those trivial products should not match the premium status of the property and the quality living style of the residents.

Therefore we have provided a solution to that and importing premium european designed furniture and selling at an affordable price.

Meanwhile, we have also understand the difficulty of mix and match with different type of furniture. Therefore, we have provided various interior styles for reference (Modern, Scandinavian, Japandi and Industrial) such that buyers can easily visualize the outcome of how to fitting our furniture (including sofa, lighting, cabinet etc. ) into their homes. This can really help homeowners to have interior design quality furniture setting without paying a large amount of money in hiring a designer.

We are sure Homecozify is your choice of online furniture “design + product” company, which can help you to quickly fitting homes with premium quality products.


我們是誰 - HomeCozify


在紐約、倫敦、洛杉磯和香港等大都市,豪宅的價格都在 100 萬美元以上。 業主和住戶不應滿足於連鎖店的產品,因為那些平凡而相同的產品與物業的高檔地位和住戶的品質生活格格不入。


同時,我們也體會到了家具搭配的高難度。 因此,我們也提供了一些室內設計作參考 (現代/北歐/侘寂/工業),讓買家可以很容易地看到如何將我們的家具(包括沙發、燈飾、櫃等)安裝到家中的結果。 這確實可以幫助房主擁有室內設計質量的家具設置,而無需支付大量資金聘請室內設計師。

相信 HomeCozify 是您選擇的在線家具“設計+產品”公司,它可以幫助您快速為您的家配備優質的進口歐洲設計產品,而無需支付大量資金。