Setting & Assembly Service

Thank you for shopping with HomeCozify.  We will carefully to pack your items and deliver to your door. Most furniture items will have wooden frame and box as protection. 

Furniture items are delivered to your home by appointing to your preference of choice to subscribe our Setting & Assembly Service - that with unpacking, assemble and setting service for your product. Please note and read the disclaimer of the service. By subscribing it that means you have read it and accept it. 

If your shopping cart with furniture items, an optional "Setting & Assembly Service" will be in the shopping cart for your choice.  You can select how many items need our Setting & Assembly.  If you do not subscribe any of it that means you opt for unpack and install with your arrangement. 

Please note that the disposal of old furniture is not included. Also the installment of electronics such as lights or home appliances is not included due to special licences requirements. 

Upon the items arrived to our HomeCozify local warehouse, our customer service will reach you to arrange the delivery. If you have subscribed the Setting & Assembly service in the order, our CS will also arrange it together with you. This service normally can be arranged 1 working day after the product delivery.  

Furniture Packing Sample: