Walk Up Service

Extra charge for delivery by staircase entrance (this includes both walk-ups and walk-downs):

Large_Furniture (Sofa / TV Console / Dinning Table)

5 Steps or more - HKD 100
1/F - HKD 200
2/F - HKD 400
3/F – up: E-mail cs@homecozify.com for a quote

Small_Medium_Furniture (Other than Sofa/TV Console/Dinning Table)

5 Steps or more - HKD 50
1/F - HKD 100
2/F - HKD 200
3/F – up: E-mail cs@homecozify.com for a quote


5 Steps or more - Free
1/F - HKD 25
2/F - HKD 50
3/F – up: E-mail cs@homecozify.com for a quote

If your items do not fit into your stair or doorway, our delivery partner will deliver to you outside of the front door. Please note that the choice of walkup service cannot be refund.

Walk-up Services will be listed in your cart for selection. If more than one items in your cart need the walk-up service, please click the Walk-up Service item again to add related.