Guide to Sofas

Shopping for the perfect sofa but don't know where to start? We're here to help.


What kind of space are you living in, and how long will you be there? Long-term home owners can be more specific in their choices. Apartment renters should choose functional pieces that can be reworked in different spaces

2-Seater - Offer comfort and style without overwhelming a room. They're often seen with two individual cushions or one long bench cushion. Pro tip: they can also be used at the foot of a bed.

Sofas - Also known as comon 3-Seater, perfect for a more traditional living room arrangement, 76" sofas are still conducive for smaller spaces, while 89" —or wider—sofas can anchor a larger room.

Small Sectionals - Limited on space but want the benefits of a sectional? Go for a small sectional. Its chaise component provides plenty of comfy seating, ideal for entertaining + family lounging alike.

Large Sectionals - Best suited for open floor plans, a large sectional anchors a room and can function as a space divider, separating the living area from the dining or kitchen. Made of modular pieces, it configures into several shapes—we love how an ottoman can function as a chaise or coffee table.

Sleeper Sofas - Opt for a sleeper sofa, also known as a pull-out sofa, if you're looking to add that extra function to your living space. They're available in twin, full and queen sizes.


Fabric - If you like to change things up, choosing a neutral sofa is the way to go. It will serve as a blank canvas, allowing you to add a pop of color, indulge in a trend or even change your room's paint color without having to re-upholster to accommodate the change.

Leather - Easy to clean, leather is always in style and wears well with age.

Best known for its beautiful colors, our aniline leather develops a rich vintage patina over time.


Cushions - Family movie nights? Opt for a style with a plush, sink-right-in cushions. Always entertaining? Tight cushions allow for more seating space with a cleaner silhouette. For a completed look, add on made-to-order throw pillows in the same fabric as your sofa

Arms - Curved arms compliment traditional style, while straight arms give a clean-lined, modern feel. Armless silhouettes can be ideal for small spaces, providing a streamlined choice that doesn't skimp on style.

 Legs - A sofa with legs can make your room feel lighter and more open. Tapered solid wood legs offer a retro look, borrowing from classic mid-century design. Straight metal legs complement a modern + sleek aesthetic. Low block legs lend a more traditional, comfortable silhouette.