Assembly Information

HomeCozify will fully build or assemble the main element at dispatch to reduce the inconvenience. However, in order to offer the lowest costs and ensure that your furniture arrives in good condition, some of the pieces available at HomeCozify will require varying amounts of assembly. The assembly need is mentioned on each product information page. There are a total of four assembly levels.

"No Assembly Required" - generally denotes that the product comes fully assembled in the box, however products with this notation may sometimes require very light assembly, such as screwing in legs of a sofa or dresser, or attaching drawer pulls that have been left off for transit safety. Most items, including coiled carpets and mattresses that may need time to expand, require some level of unboxing. Items marked with this symbol should only take one simple step.

"Minimal Assembly Required" - often need light assembly of a few pieces or, in certain situations, full assembly in a few simple steps. Minimal assembly should take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

"Partial Assembly Required" -  Products often require more elaborate assembly, often necessitating the use of tools. Most products that require a specialised tool, such as a wrench. Depending on your skill, these goods may take the average client anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes to build.

"Full Assembly Required" - Products will arrive flat-packed and will require complete assembly. A typical consumer with no prior furniture assembly knowledge should anticipate to spend 30 minutes or more assembling these parts.